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How short term rental properties beneficial?

Have you ever heard of a traveler who buys homes for a short period? Travelers always look for a furnished living space for a short period, generally known as rentals for holidays. At every traveling destination and even in metropolitan cities, several short-term rentals are maintained well, out of which few may cost very high. Short-term rentals often provide a more comfortable experience than hotels, which attracts the most. The current generation of travelers prioritizes authentic experiences that allow them to live freely and well serviced.

Though, investing in such short-term rental properties might be of great advantage. Because in comparison with other sectors of the travel industry, the short-term rental market is booming really quick. The industry could be seen as most affordable for month-long stays or weeks. A landlord can easily make a profit of 20% more on short-term rentals than long-term housing.

Today, everyone is looking for rental properties to make their few days’ stay memorable, which means investing in the short-term rental market might result in a better source of income in the upcoming days. Because after the pandemic and lockdowns, people are fed up with living at the same place. They are looking forward to buying a property for a few months or weeks to freshen up and experience something different, interesting, and adventurous. Due to this, short-term rentals might result in a better option to make a profit and a sudden increase in income. Rental income and operating expenses will affect cash flow, and the price paid for a short-term rental and future appreciation might be impacting the profits: occupancy levels and cash flows.

According to studies, the short-term rental market will grow by 15% in 2022 after the covid-19 breakdown. Although it’s often considered passive income, running it requires real estate prowess, time and money investment, and excellent communication skills.

Moreover, one can find short-term rentals everywhere, but some factors which affect the market must be kept in mind before investing in short- term rental market:

Seasons: It affects the income in traveling destinations because people will come only to enjoy the weather.

Location of the rental.

Rules and regulations of that place

Capitalization rates

There are several short-term rentals market where one can invest and get a better idea of maintaining the property. These markets could be a great choice for an investor; here are the 30 best cities and states for short-term rental markets to be chosen:

Santa Claus:

This place is great for investing in a short-term rental property despite its name. The place consists of beautiful landscapes which may attract the most people. The monthly rental rate of the properties at this place is $4,231, and the cash on return is 8.70%.

Battlefield, MO:

This place is located just south of Springfield; Battlefield is within an easy drive of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City. The town marks the site of the second major battle of civil war. It might attract people who love historical places. 

Black River, New York

Harrison Township, OH

St. Robert, MO

Cross Lanes, WV

McCalla, AL

Jennings, LA: LA is the most visited place by travelers.

Franklin, NH

Greenwood, DE

Lancaster, OH

Hopewell, VA

Mumbai, IN

Chicago Ridge, IL

Tiffin, IA

Manchester, NJ

Kerala, IN

Bangalore, IN

Lake Barrington, IL

Pine Valley, CA

Chennai, IN

Hyderabad, IN: Health care and education facilities are good in Hyderabad. And there are certain locations which attract the tourists also. Increasing the investor’s income as the rentals are managed according to the demand of people.

Mussoorie, IN: This place is popularly known for mountains, especially in winters during snowfall which increases the cost of the rentals.

Assam, IN


Daman and Diu, IN

Kolkata, IN

Newton, NJ: 

Short Term Rental Income: $6,722

Short Term Rental Daily Rate: $286


Haymarket, VA:

Short Term Rental Income: $7,744

Short Term Rental Daily Rate: $286


Columbus, MN:

Short Term Rental Income: $6,453

Short Term Rental Daily Rate: $359.

Some other factors which affect the investment in a short-term rental market are:

Short-term rental income

Short-term rental daily rate

Occupancy rate

Cash-on-cash return

Monthly rental income

And Median property price

All of the places mentioned above are best to be considered according to the given factors.

And one must invest as soon as possible because the rate of the short-term rental market is going to be raised after the pandemic.

It could be a good way to explore opportunities to invest in real estate as the current generation is looking towards this rental market instead of a permanent set-up. Vacation destinations are considered the best for these properties, as tourists often favor them because of their competitive prices over expensive hotels and five-star resorts.

The people who will stay in these properties and the family of the owner will get profited because they’ll have another place to be visited during weekends and vacations where they can lower their expenses. It may suddenly increase the investor’s income in 2022 because people have started to look for an outing after the lockdown.

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